Little Card Company – A Review and Giveaway!

I’m pretty sure it’s been almost ten years since we sent out Christmas cards. It is no coincidence that our oldest child just turned ten years old.

I’ve bought them. I’ve even signed them. Around Valentine’s Day I’ll find the box will all the cards inside never mailed.

This year, Little Card Company offered me 100 Christmas Photo Cards for review AND offered to let me give to one of my wonderful readers a $25 gift card so they can get some cute cards too!

Here’s a sneak thumbnail of the cards I just made in MINUTES this morning!

I grabbed four wacky photos and Little Card Company let me edit them right on their site!  If I had tried to take a family photo for Christmas they would have never been ordered; but if you haven’t taken a family picture yet they have a great post on Taking Your Christmas Photo.

Who is Little Card Company?

from their website:

We’re on a mission!…

…to spread the JOY of Christ this Christmas 2011. As a Christian company, it is our top priority to communicate the message of Jesus, especially as we approach the celebration of his birth. Each of ourcustomizable Christmas photo cards has a faith-based message surrounded by a unique, modern, and fun design, providing customers with a great opportunity to share a slice of their lives and an element oftheir faith with those they love!

They are also committed to giving back, and 10% of their annual profits go to Christian charities.

Now for my review:

I haven’t received my cards YET. They are on the way. I’m posting this sight unseen because I am 1000% confident that they are going to be awesome!

How can I be so confident?

Because I have over a dozen emails between myself and April (from Little Card Company) where their designer took note that my pictures might not print well (low quality) and they were offering to either swap out better pics or take the originals I had and work with them personally to ensure a great print!

For me, this goes above and beyond an email asking me if I’m SURE that I’m ready to have my project printed. Pam (the lead designer) took the time to substitute out my original pictures for four new ones, cropped them FOR ME, and then sent me a full color and a black and white version for my approval.

That is above and beyond customer service for me!!

So here is my new one!

I am so impressed with them and can’t wait to get my cards in the mail.

Now for the really good part…the GIVEAWAY!!

They have agreed to give one of wonderful readers a $25 gift card towards their own custom Christmas Card! Just follow the rafflecopter’s prompts and enter enter enter!!


  • Laurie Harley Reply

    I like the fact that they have a “Know Jesus” link at the top. Most companies hide their religious stance… which is just like not being Christian. Some of the ones that do publicly state that they are Christian, do so with a hidden page beneath everything else. I like that they’re bringing people to God right there on their web site.

    • TheTadey Reply

      It was one of my favorite things about them!

  • Laurie Harley Reply

    That’s not really a product, is it… okay, i’ll do it right… i like the Polka Dots design of the photo cards. =)

  • Meredith Reply

    I love the card that has the names of Jesus — mighty counselor, prince of peace… because it reminds me of Handel’s Messiah, and I hear the music in my head.

    I’m a music geek. so it was cool.
    Their cards are beautiful.

  • Gretta Reply

    I love the Faith Hope Love card

  • Gretta Reply

    I honestly would be more apt to purchase cards from them because of their bold religious stance. I admire them for boldly proclaiming their faith and I especially like how they contribute to others through charitable giving as well.

  • Stephanie Reply

    I love that they offer cards with more than one photo option!

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