Chaotic Craftiness is open…again.

A while back, I closed my Etsy store to move to Artfire. I loved Artfire, but without many sales and little time to really make new stuff (new baby and all) I couldn’t justify the Pro member fee and reduced my membership to a Basic plan. I had gone Pro under a promotional rate, which I lost when I downgraded. Then Artfire cancelled basic seller accounts. With my listings deleted on Artfire, and no listings on Etsy I just let things sit.  I made a few custom orders and kept making new things, I just didn’t bother to list any of them.

Until now.


Don’t fret y’all. I’m still designing blogs and making graphics. I have a *cough* slight fabric obsession and this helps me add to my stash without getting the ugly eye from hubby.  Tonight I cut out some children’s aprons and some little purses perfect for Easter!

Please check it out :  Chaotic Craftiness on Etsy!

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