I’m going to be in a gift basket!

Ok, not me… but my stuff will be in it!

I’m not sure how she found me, but Katy from the Great Cloth Diaper Change found me on Etsy and asked me if I would consider sending a donation to be raffled off at their big event.

I sent over five of my Swivel Clip Multi Pouches.

There are so many great prizes! I am honored to be included in that group.

I’ve also received my first real order for my Lil Dribbler mini bibs!

Time to get sewing!  When I’m done with this order, I hope to finish up the purses and aprons to add to my shop.

The girl aprons will be this style but without the name (obviously Smile  ).

Owly Images


These are the Easter purses I made for my girls a while back, but the new ones are in the same style. 

Now….if I could just kick this cold and get moving!


  • Rachelradiostar Reply

    Oooo a shopkeeper x I LOVE the Easter Bags

  • Meredith Reply

    Those are all SOOOO CaYOOOOT!!!  (cute.)

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