Help me decide…

I’m considering getting a table at a craft show in May. I’d have to do a LOT of sewing between now and then because I just do not have enough product to fill a $10 table.

I want to have some variety, but not too much.

Here are some of the things I make, can make, or plan to make and what they would cost at the show. Please leave a comment with 4 things you think I should have on the table and any other suggestions!

Ear bud cases $9   (I can make them bigger to hold debit cards but will need to order more clips)

chalkboard placemats $8

superhero capes $8

eye masks for girls $5

bibs and matching paci clips $12

lil dribblers $8

aprons $15-20 (kids and adults)

girl purses $15

Kindle/Nook sleeves $15

baby doll beds $8 (basic cotton “sleeping bag” with a padded quilted feel)

Totes $25+

Business Card/ Debit Card Cases $8

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