Starting Over

Last weekend was awful. Nothing tragic happened. In fact, on the outside the weekend was wonderful. It was in my head where all the turmoil was happening. Today we take baby steps to starting our week with a better outlook than the one we had when last week ended.

Saturday, Mr. B went to an auction where he scored another $10 Singer sewing machine in a table which became a gift for Doodlebug. It took her two days to actually look at it and show any excitement or appreciation but it eventually happened late Sunday night.

This meant my $10 auction bought Singer with table was brought back downstairs to me. This prompted another overhaul of my sewing area. Thanks to some recent help from my mom folding all my fabric in perfectly sized matching rows, the overhaul went faster than normal and I don’t have much left to do.


I’ll work on this and finding the table under all of this:


and spend the rest of the day working on school and folding laundry.

My head keeps wanting to plan out the week. My heart keeps reminding me that my “plan” is what caused the massive breakdown on Saturday. I need to let the plan go this week and just do what I can, when I can, the best that I can.

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