Welcome to my home…#inRL

To my (in)RL meetup ladies that will arrive at my door tomorrow,


Maybe you are at home right now, thinking you could never host something like this because you could never get your house “in order” for the party.

Maybe you are picturing a very put-together Martha Stewartesque beach décor with matching shell shaped finger sandwiches…..

blech, just trying to make up stuff to type there is making me queasy.

Stop thinking, and don’t worry.

I always get nervous going to someone’s house for the first time. I almost always walk in to find beautiful decorations, family pictures, tidy organization and honestly, a bunch of things that make me feel bad about what my home looks like.  It takes a lot of self talk to remind myself that they are just like me, and probably spent the day before hiding all their normal stuff so their house would look that nice. (not always, some of you are just awesome…  but some of you are just like me)

This weekend is supposed to be a coming together, a joining of Christian sisters, an afternoon of being vulnerable and seeing that it is okay to relax and be ourselves.

I will not be scrubbing my house from head to toe. I will put a clean towel in the bathroom, and make sure there is ample t.p. but there will probably still be naked Barbies in the bathtub. There will be dishes drying on the counter from where I washed them as you pulled in the driveway. If your eyes venture down to the floor you’ll probably see some toy stuck under the couch.

There will be sewing projects piled on top of my machine. (Doesn’t it sew by itself??) There are library books… everywhere.

Our artwork is on printer paper and ‘hung’ from everything with masking tape, or scotch tape or poster putty. It’s priceless, and irreplaceable.

The snacks will look like food and the serving bowls will most likely resemble some knock-off tupperware. The cups will not match but they will be free of holes. They’ll hold your drink just as well as the fancy kind. The coffee will be hot, the lemonade will be cold.

Oh, and you might want to bring your crayons.

Can’t wait to meet you!




  • lindseyfoj Reply

    Love it! Have fun tomorrow…I think you are fabulous!

    • MommaTaderDoodles Reply

       Thanks Lindsey! I think you’re pretty fabulous too!  Are you hosting tomorrow?

  • Shelly R Reply

    Oh, Lisa! I think I love you! I really need to read this tonight! I have completely stressed myself over tomorrow, to the point of not even sleeping last night. I am switching my self talk to who cares what my house looks like, I have happy healthy girls! Who cares if my dishes do not match and we use paper plates, again, I have happy healthy girls, and we do not entertain using fine china, ever! Who cares if I do not have decorations, I have my friends coming to enjoy each other. Who cares that I may just be sporting a ponytail and no makeup because I have not slept in two days! I will be rocking my (in)RL tshirt! Thank you Lisa! So needed!

    • MommaTaderDoodles Reply

       Oh Shelly!!   I should show you a pic of my house right now!  I’ll have coffee, and chocolate… and tissues. If all else fails, I’ll make them laugh.  What did they say in the (in)RL video tonight? Perfect and Real cannot exist together?   (well, unless your Our Savior… which I’m not)  We are gonna ROCK tomorrow! Paper plates, spots on the carpet and ponytails!

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