Anyone have answers? Because I sure don’t.

  • Why is the moon called “the moon”? And why are cows called “cows”?
  • While we’re at it why are their sixty seconds in a minute and sixty minutes in an hour?
  • Why does Abby keep peeing on the floor in front of the toilet?
  • Why did God put Josh’s junk on the outside and ours on the inside?
  • Why did God decide to make the grass green?
  • Why do we sometimes eat breakfast for dinner but never dinner for breakfast?
  • Why can’t we go to Disney?
  • Why don’t you ever listen to me? I totally know what I’m talking about!!!
  • Why do I have allergies?
  • Why are my eyes blue?
  • Why doesn’t Sammy like to ride in the stinky car?
  • Why do we have to keep our room clean?
  • What does probably mean?
  • Why are you getting red in the face?
  • Why are your hands over your ears?
  • Mom?
  • Mom?
  • MOM?

**Questions from ONE kid in less than 30 minutes, Today.**


  • Rose @ Walnut Acre Reply

    Lol, that IS a lot of questions. I wouldn’t even know how to start answering some of those. 

  • Meredith Reply

    Oh my word!! Getting red in the face is right!!!  🙂

    You are a SAINT. 🙂

  • Facebook User Reply

    LOL! You poor mom!….One more question for ya’…Are you OK? lol

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