Q & A with The Tadey: Your Top Ten Questions Answered

The Tadey Answers Your Questions

I am currently shut up in my bedroom with the laptop and coffee. I have been instructed to work, or “do whatever”, as long as I don’t come down until it is time for me to leave for counseling. I hope I don’t have to pee.

I’m struggling with some things and this is Mr.’s way of helping me. It is helpful. I am not complaining. This is more of a disclaimer warning that there will probably be some very poor writing in this post. The ideas are there, but the ability to form proper sentences is not.

Top Ten Questions Ya’ll Like to Ask The Tadey (uh, that’s me)

  1.  Are you crazy? This is generally in reference to homeschooling. I shall refer you to my first homeschool blog: I’m not crazy, I’m homeschooling. All those posts have been moved here. In reference to something other than homeschooling, then the answer is “that’s debatable”. Feel free to discuss this possibility on our [CHAOSFB] page. I’m sure there will be valid points on both sides.
  2. Looking back, do you still believe it was the best decision to homeschool? Hmmmm, how to put this nicely. Hell to the yeah. *that was my redneck coming out* Even though we’ve moved to a pretty decent school district, I have no doubt that this was and still is the best decision for our family. I feel this way not just because of my religious beliefs. I firmly believe that our two oldest daughters would have been eaten alive in public school. Doodlebug spent a year in Head Start (preK) and 6 weeks in Kindergarten. She doesn’t remember the days she came home crying and begging to never go back.
  3. Don’t you know what causes that? Why yes. I do know what causes babies. It was fun practicing, it was fun making, and it’s still fun. I just don’t do too well with the whole being a big fat pregnant hormonal meany pants so we’ve decided to nip it in the bud (so to speak) to keep it from happening again. I am blessed to have each one of our children. IF the Lord saw fit to bless us again I would be happy. If you think I have too many then feel free to put a paper bag on your head and earplugs in your ears and you won’t know we’re here.
  4. What is the most challenging part for the parent who is homeschooling? *sigh* For me, it’s the constant noise, never ending trails of stuff, and the constant noise. Oh wait, I said that already didn’t I?
  5. At what point during the day do you want to start drinking? I would have to have stopped drinking from the night before. Ok, I’m joking ya’ll. Sort of. Four o’clock seems to be the start of happy hour crazy hour around here but I refrain from any adult-relaxation-beverages until after dinner, usually.
  6. How do you do it all? You cook, sew, blog, tweet, teach, clean, design…..  I don’t. I haven’t sewn in months. I only design when someone asks me to design. I clean enough to not be filthy, but the clutter… well, unless someone is coming over it just hangs around. I’m going to assume by “cook” you mean “order Dominos Pizza online”.
  7. Will you be changing up school again next year? YES! We tweak every year! I’m still working to figure out what works best for our girls. Next year we will be diving into notebooking. I picked up The Notebooking Fairy’s Notebooking Success eBook and have decided to give it try. I’m going to focus on the basics and supplement with history and geography and science. Trying to do it all resulted in me feeling overwhelmed and behind before the first six weeks were done. I think if I focus on the basics, the rest will come and will feel more natural.
  8. What do you do for PreK and Kindergarten? Not a thing. Well, that’s a lie. I play. I set up tot trays, sensory bins, and pass out coloring books or puzzles. Now, with Bubbagirl and Lil Man, the big girls like to pass the time teaching them things like colors, letters and counting. Basically, I don’t do anything any more, I leave it to my teaching assistants.
  9. Does it bother your family to have you write such raw things? Not my husband. The rest of the family I can’t be certain. There are a few family members that I would prefer not read my blog just because I don’t feel like having to explain reality to them. I posted a humor comment one day about my kids on [CHAOSFB]. I’m pretty sure it involved tape and a closet. It was a joke. Weeks later my Father-in-law mentioned that my husband’s aunt had asked if I needed “help raising my children”. If you can’t take a joke or recognize sarcasm then you probably shouldn’t be reading my blog. If you can’t accept that I shine a light into the dark corners of mommyhood then please feel free to go find a happy blog to read. I am honest. I am raw. I am a NORMAL mommy who loves her children. I would not trade my job for anything in the world. It is hard though. I have demons to fight just like everyone else, and I’m going to fight them right here, in the light, on my blog where all my friends can cheer me on.
  10. Do you sleep? Sometimes. I have trouble getting to sleep and shutting down. If you get me to sleep and can keep me comfy I’ll stay asleep. If I wake up though, it’s pretty much over with and I might as well get up. I actually work pretty quickly when I need to get something done. What might take some people an hour I can do in 30 minutes. It’s finding time to focus on it so it doesn’t take me two hours instead.

Anything else you want to know? Leave me your questions and I’ll get them answered in our  next newsletter!
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  • Angela Reply

    I had a good laugh, and a few nods of the head as I read through your list…. Especially the part about the noise…oh, I do understand. yes. I. do.

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