Student Anxiety Relief: Part 5 of 5, Everything Else

Student Anxiety Relief

This post, Part Five of my series on Student Anxiety Relief, was supposed to be about water beads. I’m still going to say that for a short while, having the bucket of water beads nearby was helpful in keeping my kiddos calm and focused on their work. Where they would normally have been fretting over every math problem they were busy doing their work with one hand in the bucket.

The reason this post isn’t all about water beads? Because when these buckets get dumped across a kitchen floor by a 2 year old… it causes mom MUCH ANXIETY. There is no stress relief in watching a thousand bouncing balls of water scatter across your floor, under the fridge, and under the stove.

Water Bead Fun

Instead, I’m going to quickly share with you some simpler ways of anxiety relief that we use in our school room:

What are some of your teacher tricks to help your kids stay calm and focused during the school day?


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