Ten Reasons My Kids {Don’t} Like Homeschool


A few disclaimers: The daughter pictured above mostly just hates math, which I have informed her in unavoidable. This is not a post supporting or not supporting the choice of homeschooling your child. This IS a post that is intended to amuse you and was written for strictly entertainment purposes. If you are amused, then please consider subscribing via email or reader and signing up to receive our newsletter.

No Student Desks

Instead of cold, hard plastic seats and a tiny wooden desktop, they are forced to spread out math manipulatives across the carpet and read history lessons cuddled up on an overstuffed couch.

No School Bus

It may be fun to ride two to a seat in the big cheese wagon but our kids wouldn’t know it. We make them suffer on rides to the library, co-op classes and field trips on heated leather seats with climate control.

No Cafeteria Food

I’m pretty sure they will be in therapy for the endless trauma caused by withholding the joys of bulk prepared baked ziti and greasy tater tots. I can’t imagine how many nutrients they are missing with all the fruits and veggies they are enjoying with lunch. (We’ll just ignore the numerous “brain food” snack sessions that happen at our “desks”)

No Sunrise Breakfasts

I have few school memories more fond to me than enjoying that cold pop-tart at the bus stop watching the sun rise. Not even fresh scrambled eggs and waffles can compare to that joy. My kids don’t know what they’re missing.

Morning Chores

Every afternoon my kids sit on the front porch, watch the school bus drop off their friends, and then they wait……for those kids to finish their chores and homework so they can play. What a shame our chores get done after breakfast, and before our “homework”, giving us the entire afternoon to play.

Too Many Random Over Night Visits to Grandma’s House

Fridays are for visiting Grandma, Mom!! Geesh!” It should be criminal to spend a random Tuesday night in the middle of January with your grandparents.

Never Left Alone

Last year, when our daughter’s starting having issues with math facts we stopped moving forward and focused on strengthening their weaknesses instead of bulldozing on through the textbook. They’d much rather be left alone, in the back of the classroom, with a blank stare on their face while the material is presented to the rest of the class.

All My Work is “Homework”

Just once, our kids would like to say “my homework is done.” But they can’t. Because all their work is “homework”.

No Back to School Shopping Frenzy

Okay, this is more of “why my mother-in-law doesn’t like us homeschooling”. From what I’ve been told, it’s not any fun to listen to all the other moms and grandmoms that get to go out and buy their little ones new school clothes and school supplies. I wasn’t aware that standing in Wal-Mart, with a blank stare burning a hole an “Official School Supply List” while you wonder why in the hookie hoo your kid has to take 3 bottles of hand sanitizer in to their first grade class, was such a thrill ride. Maybe next year I’ll pretend we go to public school just to feel the rush.

Their Lemonade Stand Business Gets No Traffic Monday Through Friday

*sigh* All the kids on our street, of legal lemonade-purchase age, are in public school. This means Monday through Friday our lemonade stand runs for nothing. Okay. It doesn’t. But that is only because I shut them down for lack of profit.


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  • Rebecca Reply

    CUTE!!  Oh – and I’m pretty sure you don’t make a profit in your lemonade business cuz all the kids KNOW if they wait a bit you’ll just give it out for free…… 😉

    • MommaTaderDoodles Reply

      That sounds a little shifty *giggle*.  I’m pretty sure my girls have discovered the art of getting Daddy to pay $1.00 for a 25 cent lemonade and then giving three of their friends a free drink.

      • Rebecca Reply

         lol – I guess “bargain hunting” starts earlier and earlier…. 😉

  • Jess Reply


  • kerrybeck Reply

    Cute…you might have forgotten “No Uniforms”  LOL!  Thanks for sharing

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  • Jimmie Reply

    Waaa!!! Hilarious! Very, very clever you are! And I LOVE your social media buttons. Those are so unique. And very pretty.

    • MommaTaderDoodles Reply

      Thanks Jimmie!  I just changed them and love the way they seem to “fit” better than the ones I had before.

  • anng Reply

    Love it! And I would like to add that during the hottest part of summer we are inside doing school while all the public school kids are meditating in front of the Tv! Then during the fall when its beautiful outside we are taking a break and enjoying nature while they are all cooped up in a class with no windows!!

    • MommaTaderDoodles Reply

      Exactly! During the summer, I’ll let mine go out and play in the morning before it gets hot and then we’ll come in and sit around the table in the AC and do school stuff.

  • Lynn Pitts Reply

    totally love it!!

  • LeslieK Reply

    It makes me sad that it isn’t possible for a parent to write about the joys of her parenting choices without negativity towards other choices. Why is it not possible to write an amusing post about what’s good about homeschooling without taking shots at parents who don’t? Cold pop tarts, really? My kids never leave the house without a hot breakfast (and by the way, that was homemade waffles this morning, that’s not the sole domain of homeschooling moms), nor do they ever leave without a healthy lunch that includes fruits and veggies. Left alone while they bulldoze through? I happen to be in contact with my children’s teachers and a partner in their education. They aren’t left alone with a “blank stare”. EVER. Oh and by the way, the bus has climate control. And my kids love riding it so much they won’t even let me drive them to school. I have an answer to every single one of these, but I will stop there, because I didn’t write this to rant, but in the hopes that you will see why it is so offensive to me.

    It’s nice that you love homeschooling and feel it’s the right choice for your kids. Maybe you could express that without being insulting to moms who don’t feel that way. It’s hard enough being a parent and trying to do the right things without feeling judged at every turn. Can’t we just be positive about our choices and leave out the negativity towards the choices of others?

    • Lisa Baldwin Reply

      I’m sincerely sorry that my post left you feeling I was poking fun or trying to insult non-homeschooling families. It was not my intent, as I have many friends who chose to not homeschool and I totally respect their choices. I do not, in any way, feel that our choice for our family is in any way superior to the choice that another family makes for their children. My post was intended only as humor, and I’m sorry it was not perceived that way. I thank you very much for taking the time to comment and express your dissatisfaction.

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