5 Days of De-Cluttering: The Hobby Stuff

Sewing. Scrapbooking. Painting. Jewelry Making. Flower Arranging. Cake Decorating. They all involve “hobby stuff” that takes up space. Well, maybe not digital scrapbooking but it still takes up virtual space on your computer and a little clean up wouldn’t hurt.

Sewing is my main hobby. I also crochet. I tried knitting. Apparently “trying” something means “buy every gadget you could ever need and stock up on all supplies so there is no project or trick you can’t try”. *sigh*

Pick a main hobby. Pick a back up. Maybe have one for summer and one for winter. Narrow it down. You can always add more when the kids are grown and you can fill up their bedroom with supplies.


Day Five: The Hobby Stuff


Step One: 5m45d “Five Minutes For Five Days”

Remember the main game plan, five minutes for five daysEach day, set aside five minutes to tackle one aspect of one hot spot.

This is one of the more emotional hot spots for me. Looking at my stash of wool yarn I sit and grump over all the woolie covers I was going to knit for Bubbagirl and Lil Man. This is where I start resenting all the time I should have to do things like sew, or knit, or whatever. This is where the Devil steps in and starts throwing arrows of “no one lets me do anything I want to do“. I have to be very, very careful here. This spot is where my 5m45d idea was born. I needed to take this in tiny manageable nuggets. I have to work fast, before the Devil can catch me.

Monday: The Old and Useless – Supplies don’t last forever. Paint dries. Fabric dry rots. Elastic looses it’s elasticity. Yarn weakens. Tapes get too tacky. Glue hardens. Let it go. If you haven’t used it in this long then you probably won’t use it. If you find you need it, buy another, this one wouldn’t have worked anyway.

Tuesday: Not My Style – That stash of neon ribbon might be coming back in style but I can assure you, a wreath with hunter green, wine, and navy blue will date you in a heartbeat. Just say no. I have a tub of fabric that is big and flowery. It’s just not me. It was cheap. I’m a retro girl. I will never use this.  For a while, I received scrapbooking supplies as gifts. For a while, I bought scrapbooking supplies for myself. Just because that stack of paper was $1 does not mean I should make a scrapbook page with it. Some things just don’t “fit” with me or with my family. Time to donate, re-gift, or put in a “make a contraption with this stuff” bucket for the kids. My kids can do some crazy things with paper, tape and old yarn.

Wednesday: Multiples – How many single hole punches does one girl need? How many size F crochet needles can you use at one time? I barely use ONE pin cushion…. five is just craziness. Just like Tuesday, let it go. Pass it on or pass it down.

Thursday:  Tried…and failed – It’s okay ladies. Not everyone is a Martha Stewart {and I suspect deep down she’s not perfect at EVERY craft either}. I really wanted to learn to do oil painting….like Bob Ross’s pretty little trees. Hubby bought me all the stuff. I painted twice. I didn’t suck at it. I wasn’t good either. I had fun; however, cleaning up those brushes and trays with a bunch of littles under my feet pretty much guaranteed I wasn’t going to try it very often. It is time to let it go. There are more kid friendly hobbies that I am more talented at doing. I passed them down to a kid who couldn’t afford the supplies. Pass it on, pass it down.

Friday – Use it or lose it – Sit down with your notebook, open your Pinterest boards, and make a list of projects that you could do RIGHT now to use up your excess supplies. Number them, quickly, in an order to get them done and then challenge yourself to do these first, before you buy any new supplies.

Step Two: Challenge Yourself

You picked this hobby because you enjoyed it, you were good at it, and it made you feel good. Pin the list you made last Friday on the fridge. Keep it visible, and when you get a few moments to “play” focus on your working through that list. Make a deal with yourself, depending on your particular hobby, that you won’t purchase new supplies until you complete “X” number of projects.

It’s killing me to refrain from buying new fabric, but I can’t let it overrun the house.

If your hobby is digital, take five minutes each day for a week to delete obsolete files and duplicates, reorganize, relabel and create subfolders. The five minutes you spend today could save your hours of searching later!


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  • Aurie Good Reply

    Oh girl – you are speaking my language on this one. Ouch. Off to see how many dried out sticks I have that are stuck to velvet flocked stickers. Yikes!

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