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Why I picked this topic is totally beyond me. I hate board games. I’ve hated them ever since our first child was born. Up until then I could play and pay attention. I could follow along, I knew when it was my turn, and I offered challenging competition to the other participants.

Now, they all wait for me to return to the table when it’s my turn. I’m usually off wiping someones backside or filling a sippy cup. I can’t follow along with who did what, bought what, moved where, or gave a clue because there is always someone tapping my leg, asking a question, or crying in my ear.

I still buy the games. Once in a while, I decide I should suck it up and just do it….again…and I pop popcorn, pile them all around the table and try again.

Here are the five board games I least hate having to play:

  1. Sequence or Sequence for Kids-I’m not very good at this game, mostly because it requires paying attention. The kids versio n is really cute though, and my big girls enjoy it. It’s also pretty easy to teach to a friend!
  2. Blurt!– Our mommy helper loved playing this with our oldest. Roll the dice to discover which definition you get to read, then see who can blurt out the word first.
  3. Super Why ABC Letter Preschool Game – Our youngest girl loves watching Super Why! and now she can practice letter recognition, rhyming, spelling and reading with all her favorite characters.
  4. Game of Life – I never had this game growing up, but all my friends had it. The Mr. and I enjoy watching the girls make different decisions and then deal with the outcomes. (It also gives us a chance to casually discuss how one should work through making big life decisions).
  5. Battleship– I love old school games. Strategy, process of elimination, and learning to read a grid/map are three of my favorite reasons for loving this game.

What are your favorite board games? Link up below if you have a post about your favorite games!

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