He has my whole world in His hands

I wish I had time to make up a cute graphic for this post! I love having cute images… but I need to get up and start packing.

Saturday we were given a hand written, one-sentence, letter to vacate.  I cried and shook for about 15 minutes. Mostly because the landlord showed up. Him kicking us out was a blessing.

All he has done was provided an opportunity for all of our friends to see our faith in action and see God work His love in our life. On Saturday, after fussing with hubby because a friend (who owes us a monthly payment on something we sold him) was late making his payment, our landlord gave us until August 14th to get out.

Here are a quick and dirty look at the ten ways God’s hand has been seen in our lives this weekend:

  1. Within minutes of getting off the phone with David, to tell him what happened, I went online to my friends and requested prayers. Within minutes of that request, a calm fell over me unlike anything I had felt in a long time. I comforted confused kids and reassured family that we would be fine even though at that moment we were facing being homeless.
  2. The ‘reason’ for the notice was because of a complaint someone on the street (we don’t think it was a neighbor, but that’s another post) made to the zoning committee about our white truck that we were planning to restore. Seems they call it ‘junk’. We bought the truck from my mom’s husband, in effort to help them out. This was months ago. We still owe her another $1500.  By Sunday, we had a couple of people asking to buy it for at least $1600. It’s a $900 cut from what we originally paid, BUT it is enough to pay mom off and have a $100 left over for the September rent on a storage unit.
  3. Mr. was at the YMCA working out when the landlord arrived. I told him the news while he was on his way home. Before he pulled up in the driveway he had sold his weight machines in the garage. This meant we didn’t have to find a house with a garage or extra room.
  4. Did I mention mom’s engine blew in her truck? I’ve been driving around with a new-to-her one in my truck. Paying her off early, gets her the money to get it put in her truck, instead of having to wait for us to have time to do it.
  5. That payment we didn’t get on time? It’s exactly $100. We got it today. Guess how much our storage unit is: $100. We now have a storage unit for August, so we can start packing and moving out immediately.
  6. The house across the street, owned by our friends that had to move back to Canada, is available September 1st. Friends = no credit check. Friends = willing to work on security deposit over time. Friends had tenants leaving August 31st and they had to sell or rent by September 1st or risked financial issues. Guess where we’re moving 🙂 ! Did I mention the house is TWICE the size of our current house?!
  7. Last week, Mr. was officially offered the promotion to Manager of Engineering. The raise will be just enough to pay the new rent and our membership to the YMCA (our new almost daily family activity)
  8. Our mommy helper gave us her two weeks notice. Yep, in the end it is a blessing. See, now mom can watch the kids, and I can pay her what I was paying my mommy helper. Mom is on a limited income, and really needed a little extra to help her get by each month.
  9. While looking for storage units, I found places that offer storage of trailers. My mom has two trailers at my house from when she moved up here. Storing them is not our favorite option, but at least I know that it IS an option. I had no idea there were places that rented parking spaces!
  10. During our last move, we had *maybe* 5 people helping us. Three were family. We were moving from a county where Mr’s entire family lived. We had been there 12 years. When we started sharing that we had to move this time, we have been overwhelmed and humbled by the offers of labor, babysitting, box finding, places to stay while we wait for the new house to be available and more! Not from family, not from friends we’ve had since high school, all this love and support from people we  have only known a few years; people who banded together and declared that we “could not leave this street!”

The best part? I’m not the only one seeing it. Others are telling me that “God must be a work here” and “Jesus is really looking out for you!”. That is the best part of all.


  • Shay Reply

    That is awesome!! Our God is an awesome God. Praying for you all! 🙂

  • Laura Phillips Reply

    What a wonderful testimony!  Don’t you just love it when our struggles bring glory to Him?

  • LaToya {Christian Momma} Reply

    This is so encouraging to me. We’re in a similar position and God has been pouring out his blessings over us too!

  • Amber Reply

    Wow! I don’t like the storms but I love when God shows himself in the middle of them in a big way! 

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