*this is why I’m in therapy*

This post will be quick and dirty. It’s the last 10 in 10 post with iHomeschool Network and I don’t want to miss it.

I’ve written and tweeted random things about me before, but today I’m going to try to share something new.

10 Things Only My Closest Friends *Might* Know About Me

  1.  I can get overwhelmed with life before I finish my coffee. I see this as a weakness, being easily overwhelmed with even the most basic of days. I’ve been told I just try to take on too much and that anyone else would be overwhelmed with it all. *this is why I’m in therapy*
  2. I confused my counselor recently when he realized I really, really, really was very much past and moved on from being molested as a kid. I had other things to talk about with him, THAT did not need to be discussed. I wasn’t hiding feelings, I really have just worked through it all already. *this is not why I’m in therapy*
  3. I will tell you I’m good and capable and I will get excited over doing a good job, until you ask me to do it again. Then I’ll promptly give you a hundred reasons why I suck, why it wasn’t really correct or good to start with, and I’ll panic fully expecting to fail and let you down. *this is why I’m in therapy*
  4. I am not as strong as I appear. I want to cry. I want to fall on the floor and scream “it’s not fair” a lot. It is exhausting always being the one to say “God’s got this, it will be okay”. To fall down would be to let others down, especially God. I have faith and I know laying down and whining about it won’t help. *this is why I’m in therapy*
  5. My cup of patience is cracked and leaking. Unless you are being impatient. Then I grab my duct tape and wrap myself up. I can have the patience of Job if I’m trying to help YOU be more patient. When it comes to myself, see number 4. *this is why I’m in therapy*
  6. I love to wash dishes. No, you don’t see a counter full of dirty dishes. It’s your imagination. {I love to wash them, I hate to put them away, so the drying mat is full of clean dishes, so I can’t wash more dishes} *the fact that I can explain this… is why I’m in therapy*
  7. I don’t like pie, pudding, turnovers, filled donuts, fruit bars, jello, yogurt, or duck. It’s all squoooshy and slimy and gooey. It’s a texture thing. *this is not why I’m in therapy, but hubby thinks I should be, just so I’ll make them for him to eat more often*
  8. I panic at the thought of running out of toilet paper. I can go without milk, bread, and many other staples but toilet paper…. must.have.tp. *this is not why I’m in therapy, mostly because my counselor doesn’t really know about this yet*
  9. I hide a lot of anger. I’m a closet mad woman. I battle with arrows of frustration, resentment, and a desire to control it all {because then it would be done right}. I know these are trying to knock me off my path and that the closer I walk with God the more I will battle these arrows. I pray a lot. *this is why I’m in therapy*
  10. At least once every day, I wish Y2K had happened. No electricity. No internet. Back to the days of Little House all over again. {sort of} I’d lose my blog. I’d take up needlepoint. Cooking would require chopping wood. The only thing I would miss, would be you: my online family. I love you all. *and this is not why I’m in therapy, it’s perfectly normal to love people you have never actually met*

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  • Gidget Reply

    Oh, my goodness – could I ever relate to you on so many of those things! I am actually in the process of crashing from my latest “I can do it all” experience…. maybe you will have to share what you learn in therapy  lol

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