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Lego Math Practice from @TheTadey


Math is NOT our favorite subject.

Actually, I love math. No one else in our family loves math.

They aren’t even bad at math. They just don’t see the unending awesomeness of mathematical equations and all places that math can take you!

After seeing Mary’s Create Your Own Lego Minifigure, I decided I needed to find something to go with it for the older two girls.

I started to create a worksheet for them, then realized that if I shared it with my readers and didn’t use the correct Lego terminology, I just might lose some homeschool cred. So I Googled myself over to The Brick Blogger’s site where I found a quick lesson in Lego Speak.

See, I was calling them “the bumpy things” and apparently they are called “studs”. Learn something new every day.

I printed them each a copy of the worksheet. Then I made sure to choose different starting numbers for each of them. I didn’t want anyone being able to give someone else the answers.

They calculated their “ingredients”:


Counting Studs

Then worked on building something – any thing – with the bricks they had chosen.

What to build? Whats in A name

After building their creations, they had to draw a sketch of the creation. Tader took it very seriously and made sure to represent the different brick colors. Doodlebug just grabbed a pen and made an outline.

Doodling our creationIt's a towerSketching it out

While waiting for her sister to finish, Doodlebug decided to try and create something different from her set of bricks.

Making something new By this point in the day, we had neared naptime for the little ones, so momma did most of the designing on the Lego minifigures. The big girls have requested reprints of Mary’s free printable and have decided to color them ALL so we can hang them on the wall and have a Lego Army. I’ll be sure to post that wonderfully terrifying site on Instagram as soon as they are done. Rockstar Lego SuperHero Lego

I’m happy to share our worksheet with you!

Click here to download our “Daily Lego Math Practice” free printable!

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