Homeschool Organization: Weekly Folders

Homeschool Organization Weekly Folders

So I’m writing up this post for The Homeschool Post and I start searching my blog for a post I just knew I had written about our weekly folders. It was an idea I got from Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations and they worked great for us. Oddly, there is no post. Anywhere. It seems I’ve started using Facebook as a mini blogging platform and I must have posted something about it there. {bad blogger}

I’m going to rectify that situation today, by sharing with you the weekly folder system I am using again this year.

Weekly Folder System

Step One: Purchase 36 pocket folders for each kid. We’re talking the cheap ones folks. No need for fancy. Paper, pocketed, and no clasps works perfectly.

Step Two: Find something to store them in, a pretend “locker” if you want. I often order my printer paper from Amazon and it comes in boxes that are the perfect size.

Step Three: For the older kids, I numbered the folders 1-36. That is the number of “weeks” in our school year. For my younger girl, I labeled them A,B,C, etc. and then 0-9. Funny enough, that automagically made 36 folders.

Step Four: This is the more time consuming part, so plan for it. Take whatever printable items you have for the year and divide it up. Put it in the appropriate week’s folder.

For example: One of my girls is using Masterbooks’ science curriculum Investigate the Possibilities. The perforated edges in the student journal made it easy for me to remove them from the book and put one page in each week’s folder. We do the lesson on Tuesday and the activity on Thursday. Both our bigger girls will be doing [BIPMOH], from Bright Ideas Press, this year.  BIP offers an add-on download pack full of goodies. I printed off the pages that went with the activities we will be doing and have put them in their folders for each week. No more digging around to find what we were looking for, and no giant book to intimidate the kids.

Easy peasy right?!

Kindergarten Weekly Folder

Bubbagirl (Kindergarten) has several activities in each of her folders based on the Letter of the Week. I can sit down and brainstorm some craft ideas onto note cards and slip them into her folder to remind me what I wanted to do that week.

Doodlebug and Taderbug (6th and 4th) have coloring pages (for read alouds), notebooking pages, activities, games, science journal pages, copywork pages and memory verses in each folder. Not everything is in there, math remains in their math book and they know to do that every day. Same goes for their Word Build books.

This format worked well for me last year, as Doodlebug was able to work ahead when she felt ambitious. When she failed to complete the folder before week’s end, we moved what was left to the following week. She learned fast that she didn’t like rolling work over.

Hop over to The Homeschool Post and get the rest of my tips: My 10 Step Game Plan for Planning A New School Year!






  • Kelly Reply

    So all you use in your homeschool is worksheets??

    • Lisa B….The Tadey Reply

      Oh my goodness no! I have printed off some of the notebooking (blank) pages that I know I’ll want them to fill out that week. If I’ve printed off a lapbook for a special Holiday unit, I put those pages in that week’s folder, so it’s all right there – ready when we are. It also helps me to remember that I wanted to that extra unit. The picture is of some easy ABC printables I made for my Kindy girl to do while I’m working with the big girls. She and I have a huge activity bag bin for our one on one time.

  • Val Reply

    Thank you for sharing this! I am still thinking through how to best implement this in our homeschool, but for now I have our science lapbook pages all printed and ready to file. Tomorrow I’ll go through history. I bought the folders tonight. I’ve been homeschooling for 15 years and this is the first time I’ve seen an organizational system that might fit me!

    • Lisa B….The Tadey Reply

      Val, I’ll admit I don’t have every single thing we are going to do that week in the folder, but most of it is there. Enough so that if the little ones need me, the big girls and figure out where to go to next. Since I pull out what we don’t finish and move it into the next folder it really helps to keep me focused. Don’t want the next week’s folder bursting at the seams!

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