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Obviously “The Tadey” (Tay-dee) is not really my name.

Hi, I’m Lisa Renee’, and welcome to my blog. I’m a Christian, Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Niece and Friend who all too often gets overwhelmed and overbooked because at forty years old I still don’t know how to say NO.

I am married, 18 years now, to the most wonderful gift God ever made for me: my husband, Mr. B.

While you will often hear me grumble about being a work-gaming-movie widow I will have you know up front that he is my hero and he has put up with more mess from me then any man should be expected to endure. With a mostly quiet tongue, he has helped me overcome childhood trauma, family drama, and loss. We have faced financial disaster and near misses more then our selfish egos would like to admit. I can still remember laying in my bed in college wondering what it would be like to have someone next to me to keep me safe- forever. Now I know. Holding his hand is like having a talk with God; both remind me that everything is going to be okay.

We have three crazy daughters, and one lil man. Doodlebug, Taderbug, Bubbagirl (The Monkey) and Lil Man (Peanut) are our joy and the main source of headaches in our house. This many girls make for a whole new level of drama! (Mr. B appreciates all prayers for his survival through their teen years!)

On Blogging:

My first blog, Too Busy To Clean, started out as therapy. It progressed to a hobby and while I was hoping to build it into something niche-y, I became pregnant with Bubbagirl and it was ignored, a LOT.

There have been a couple of blogs in the meantime. Where I tried to focus a little more.
This blog, Chaos Appreciation, is my new beginning. I combined all the posts from my two biggest blogs and the original blogspot.com version of Chaos to this self-hosted blog!

I am finally coming to fully appreciate the career I have chosen. There was no wife/mother/teacher booth at career day but this is where I am meant to be. Understanding what a blessing it is to be a mom and be able to stay home with my children does NOT mean I don’t ever have a bad day or a tough patch. This blog is about those challenges. It’s about the different things I’ve tried, am trying, or am thinking of trying in order to bring just enough peace to this place for us to be able to enjoy the chaos of our ‘big-to-us’ family before they all grow up.

You’ll find examples of our real lives in the background of every picture; because I’m not going to clean up what is behind them just so you’ll think I’m a super mom.
I am a super mom. Because my kids say I am. And because Mr. B says I am.

Contributing Blogger

I have written for Faithwriters, Yahoo and Xomba. I have guest post for several bloggers including Smockity Frocks and The Homeschool Village. I have been a regular contributor for MustLoveGod.net.

I was a monthly contributor on the Bright Ideas Press blog, about our adventures with their science curriculum: Christian Kids Explore Physics.

I used to be the owner of The Homeschool Post and hope to continue to contribute posts there.

I keep a running list of my posts, articles and stories in the sidebar.

How to Find Me

To be so shy, I am surprisingly social online. I used to go by “Taderdoodles” on Twitter. A friend complained it was a lot of letters to type when she was trying to reply via text. I shortened it to “The Tadey” – pronounced Tay-dee.

This blog is on Facebook and Google Plus.

I occasionally go wild and post to Pinterest. I’ll warn you, it’s in spurts. Big crazy spurts.

I also post to Instagram, where you can see the most candid shots of our day. My user there is “thetadey”, and almost all of my pictures get posted to my Tumblr blog.

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