Cartesian Graphs and God's Plan

Cartesian Coordinate Pictures and God’s Plan

I printed off worksheets yesterday, for fun, for the big girls. It was on coordinate pictures. They plot out the points listed, then draw a line connecting them. They repeat this process for each line until a picture appears. Day one went well, once they figured out what they were doing, and everyone enjoyed it. Today, my […]

The Snake

I was in my usual spot on the couch, pretending to watch a nature show with the kids {we called it science for the day}.  I was playing on Pinterest attempting to multitask and failing miserably, as usual. Tidbits of information on rhinos and bugs and turtles bounced around in my head as I half-listened. […]


Like Midas, Only Different – My Faith Test, Again

Lately, everything I touch ….. gets burned. Dinner. Friendships. Family. Schoolwork. I can’t even shave my legs without screwing it up. {yes, I do bi-annually shave my legs….} It’s discouraging and frustrating. It’s also apparently contagious. The Mr. dropped a brand new gallon of milk and busted the handle pouring milk all over the floor […]

Finally, a less dramatic morning….

We took yesterday off for physics girl’s birthday. I fully expected huge fits and meltdowns after having a day off. Instead, we have one doing her Unit One review with no tears. She is actually laughing thanks to the creative educators at Bright Ideas Press . My Doodlebug was thoroughly enjoying the independence of History […]

Homeschool Mother’s Journal – Summer – June 8th, 2012

Welcome to our newest edition of The Homeschool Mother’s Journal, a weekly meme created by iHomeschoolNetwork. Please take a moment to click the graphic above and visit the Homeschool Mother of the Week and all the other great moms linking up. In my life this week… This week was the first week of our official […]