My bedroom floor and craft area

5 Places In My House That Make Me Bonkers

The older I get, the more annoyed I am becoming with all this stuff. Oh my goodness friends, it does pile up fast! Yesterday, I cleared out nine grocery bags of stuff. Stuff I loved, kept for a couple of years, but finally had to just let it go because honestly, I was tired of looking […]

Homemade Pizza Poppers: Kids Can Cook

Homemade pizza crust (prepped on Sunday, used on Tuesday) String Cheese Mini Pepperoni Not-Really-Homemade Pizza Sauce from a can of tomato sauce and two tablespoons of Mrs. Wages Pizza Sauce Tomato Mix. First, Taderbug cut up several pieces of string cheese (Mozzarella). Next, the kids rolled little balls of dough in flour (all I had […]