My bedroom floor and craft area

5 Places In My House That Make Me Bonkers

The older I get, the more annoyed I am becoming with all this stuff. Oh my goodness friends, it does pile up fast! Yesterday, I cleared out nine grocery bags of stuff. Stuff I loved, kept for a couple of years, but finally had to just let it go because honestly, I was tired of looking […]

Monday is for Mayhem

ACK!  I’ve been crazy busy replying to excited bloggers and blog readers as voting for The 2013 Homeschool Blog Awards went live this morning! So this is how Monday went: Minutes 15 minutes in the hot spots – I went through the house and tackled my chore list in by taking tiny bites.  15 minute […]

The “Animal House” Ends…now, baby stepping my way to a tidier home.

Sometime last May, or June, or earlier…I don’t remember, my husband and the neighbors held an impromptu driveway cookout. It was in my driveway. This inevitably meant that all the kids ended up in my living room playing XBOX while all the adults stood right outside my windows with a full view of the mess […]